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Meijer is a regional American supermarket chain based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in 1934 as a supermarket chain, Meijer is credited with pioneering the modern supercenter concept in 1962. About half of the company's 181 locations are located in Michigan, with additional locations in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. (copied from

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shopping Carts

This is not the most exciting blog, but I am afraid things have been a bit slow in the Meijer department. So, I thought I would just share another thing about Meijer that keeps me coming back.
Now, before I get too far, I have to admit that I don't shop at too many other super centers, so I don't know how special the carts are Meijer are, but they certainly beat the local grocery store. For starters, Meijer has two different sized carts. There is your typical grocery store cart with the flip down thing for the kids to sit on and the space below to put bags of dog food and 24 packs of pop. There is also a smaller sized cart. It is a few inches narrower and about half as long. You can usually find these moving around the store with a 20-40 year old man behind trying to fit in as much stuff as he can without having to resort to getting the big cart and looking like Mr. Mom.
On top of these choices, those shoppers with kids can choose from the extended addition cart with a bench for two kids to sit in, or better yet, for a buck you can get a hybrid cart that is half mobile entertainment center and half shopping cart. There is a little T.V. screen inside that plays episodes of Sponge Bob. You don't have as much room for groceries, but the lack of screaming kids allows you to be brave enough to shop more than once a month. My friend Jaret calls this the best dollar he has ever spent. He can often be found walking the aisle of Meijer with his two older kids completely enthralled with the 8 inch T.V. screen and totally unaware of the fact they just walked by all the sugar cereal.


Caitlin said...

You must have an extreme Meijer, Brian. Half the time there aren't any mini-carts to be found in the Ypsi Meijer, and anything with an entertainment center in it would probably be stolen.

The Meijer of which you speak is a distant dream for the likes of me...

BK said...

I to have a dream of one day mini-shopping carts and video entertainment carts being made available to all Meijer shoppers, no matter the number of young single shoppers or what the local crime level is.